New Municipal Childhood Center of Garbagnate Monastero (Lc)

At the beginning of september, with the reopening of the school, the New Nursery for Children was inaugurated in Garbagnate Monastero (Lc). This is a playground dedicated to the 0-3 age group, designed to provide services to get closer to the needs of families.

Cazzaniga Costruzioni took care of the realization, which saw the transformation of the previous dining room of the adjacent Kindergarten into a welcoming space for children.

The project sees a particular attention to the containment of energy consumption, both for what concerns the building envelope, through the application of specific heat-reflective insulating materials (Actis Triso Murs+) and the renovation of the windows; as well as for the plant components, through the installation of an air system with integrated mechanical ventilation with electric supply.

This project gave us great satisfaction, both for the purely executive part, and for the social value that such an intervention means for the local community and for the new generations.