Our history


The name Cazzaniga enters the world of construction in the northern Italy region of Brianza in 1973, when Gianpiero Cazzaniga, an experienced surveyor and his wife Ilva founded the self named construction firm, which was destined to go through four decades of history and transformations.
During the first decade the growth of company is progressive and is characterized by an activity focused mainly in the North of Milan area, in residential and productive fields.


After the first years of consolidation of its brand, Cazzaniga Costruzioni increases considerably its company structure, through the acquisition of always up-to-date equipment and machineries and through a strong process of computerization of its administrative and management branch.
1983 is also the years that see the birth the brand’s real estate company named Gilva srl, that will manage Cazzaniga’s own construction activities.


The arrival of the new Millenium matches also with the beginning of the generational change, that sees in the year 2000 the entrances into the activities of Gianpiero’s first son Luca, degreed in architecture and in 2003 of the second son Matteo, also degreed in architecture. It’s a defining moment, as it coincides with the beginning of a deep transformation process that makes the creation of an internal design studio, which integrates the traditional construction activities with the architectural and executive design. At the same time, the Company modifies its identity in Cazzaniga Costruzioni srl (its current name) as a kind of container of the always more complex services offered to its customers.


It’s the 40th anniversary of the birth of Cazzaniga Costruzioni. The company, which has always based its activity on technical and planning competence and high added value resources, looks at the future proposing itself in an innovative role: general contractor for complex organizations. With the increase of orders, the company has taken care of the management of the site in a global way. 2013, unfortunately, is marked by the untimely and sudden death of geom Gianpiero.


The company enters its 5th decade of life, led by brothers Luca and Matteo. The image with which it presents itself is more and more that of a company of services related to the world of construction and architecture: construction, design, technical management of buildings. In this perspective was born at the beginning of 2015 the brand ReHabitat, Luxury brand related to architecture and design, with a clear vocation towards the opening to international markets, for example the collaboration with the Korean brand Metrocity.

2017 ad Oggi

To date Cazzaniga Costruzioni deals with the management of the construction process at 360°.  “Building Management” is the new challenge that the Company has undertaken and that will accompany it in the years to come: a building management model in which technical skills are combined with executive ones, through multidisciplinary and teamwork.  All with the aim of taking care of the building not only during substantial interventions, but during its entire life cycle.

Almost 50 years have passed from 1973 and yet, after all this time, we have not yet lost the desire and passion in what we do. We care a lot about every single order and we remember all those we worked on:







Our portfolio is our pride