“We take care of your buildings”

Building Management

Cazzaniga Costruzioni has been a “Company for the Companies” since its origins: the creation of a productive, commercial, managerial product has never been limited to the pure construction, but has always gone further, providing continuous assistance, support for the development of the customer’s projects, scheduled maintenance services.

Cazzaniga Costruzioni is a true service company, embracing completely the needs of a building and accompanying it since its construction in every necessary aspect. Through BM Cazzaniga Costruzioni offers an advanced “Project Management” service able to guarantee certain times and costs. Building Management means supervision, control, management of organizational procedures aimed at ensuring the perfect efficiency of a job order and the maintenance of a building through the years.



  • Construction permits
  • Land register update
  • Topograpgical surveys with geolocalizzaztion
  • Fire prevention
  • Landscape authorizations



  • Scheduled Maintenance programs
  • Energy efficiency
  • Seismic adjustment
  • Management advisory
  • Enviromental advisory

Fire proofing

The concept of Fireproofing refers to all those disciplines aiming at improving the performance of a building and / or its parts in relation to fire resistance. Within the Building Management, fire prevention often plays a pivotal role: from managing relationships with the local Fire Department to specialist design, up to the execution of the prescribed works, the Cazzaniga Costruzioni team offers comprehensive

From Building Management to Building Manager

In a BM approach, it is essential to identify a subject that manages and makes operational the data collected during the analysis and execution phases through a set of procedures aimed at the adaptation, implementation and maintenance of the building’s performance. This subject is the Building Manager, a technical figure referent for everything related to the operational management and maintenance of the Building towards the Company.

Technical Due-Diligence

The first step of BM is the technical Due Diligence: a real photograph of the authorization status of the analyzed property, in which to point out any discrepancies, nonconformities, failures or abuses in
comparison to what is deposited to the competent Authorities, as well as a report on the status of the functional parts of the building. A good technical Due Diligence process leads the Company to the full awareness of the state of fact of ts property and of the operations to be put in place to regularize any deficiencies, as well as to improve the functional parts.