Energy efficiency: Primary School in Verano Brianza (Mb)

The intervention, wich is part of a larger progect of energy efficiency in the Primary School of Verano Brianza (Mb), street N. Sauro, is the only in our territory. It was especially focused on the attics of the main buildings from wich it is composed.

These are two buildings built in different eras: the historic headquarters of the School was built in the early twentieth century and the new area was built in the second half of the twentieth century.

Both buildings, although of different eras, required an almost total intervention of insulation on their respective attic floors, which was carried out in partnership with Knauf Insulation, a global leader in thermal, acoustic and fire insulation solutions.

For the most recent building, on which there is a roof slab in brick tiles and retaining walls, the solution adopted was the laying of a mineral wool mattress with Ecose® Technology (binder of organic origin, without added formaldehyde) TI 212 with a thickness of 20 cm, covered on one side with kraft paper with vapor brake function.

For the older building, however, the problem was more complex as the original trussed wooden roof imposed particular attention in terms of fire protection and possible fires that could develop.

For this reason we have chosen to apply Knauf Insulation Smartroof Thermal 10+8 cm double layer rock wool panels, with very high density (115 kg / mc) and high mechanical performance, in order to guarantee adequate resistance to trampling. Everything has been further protected with a Deltafoxx Dorken fireproof waterproof sheet, suitably taped on all the joints and on the perimeter.

The result, in both cases, is a significant increase of the thermal inertia of the building, whose upper dispersing surface has been significantly limited, contributing to the containment of consumption in the winter and summer seasons and to the optimization of the use of the new recently installed thermal power plant.